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Rick & Ilsa (candle set)


Rick & Ilsa (candle set)


Rick & Ilsa is a candle set with elegant fragrances and unique wooden crackling wicks, inspired from the iconic couple of the Casablanca movie. Black and White for the balance of the universe. Man and Woman because one complements the other. Each candle you hold in your hands is here to set a different mood.

Rick is strong, strict, and masculine like the scent of this candle. Notes of cardamom, lemon and orange are combined with amber, vetiver and rosewood to give and earthy woody finish.

Ilsa is passionate, devoted and charming. Top notes of cherry blossom, and peony with a combination of vanilla and a hint of mimosa create this light, feminine and sweet, floral scent, refreshing and crisp like a spring.


Soy candles are made of non GMO soy beans,  are 100% natural, ecological, burn better and slower, and last more than usual candles.

Our wooden wicks are  a unique and innovative next generation wick that creates a soothing and relaxing ambiance, almost like when you are watching a fireplace burning.

Vegan certified
Kosher certified

Vol: 9 oz / Duration:~50hours

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