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Myrenia’s Story

Anastasia Tertigka

Founder & Owner

Since I remember myself, I loved fairy tales, crafts, flowers, flavors, nature and scents. My father, who is a great story teller, made up a story for me about a cute and smiley fairy, who liked to fly in meadows and forests using her wand to help nature bloom, release the fragrances of the flowers, and make people smile.

And so..fairy Myrenia was born!

Many years later, I decided to turn my hobby of making little magic stuff for my family and friends into a full time job, and I started making soaps, candles, unique gifts, wedding favors, and other scented creations.  With a little inspiration, and… a magic wand, I opened my first workshop in Athens Greece.

Now …my life is in Winnipeg Canada, and here I am at the True North, reinventing myself and starting from scratch!

All my creations are  made with the same love, passion and care like the first time.  I hope,  when you get a piece of my work in your hands, you get also a piece of the love I put into making it, and eventually…smile.  I always say “Scent…your troubles away”, because that is what I do when I am at my studio.

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